The insiders guide to outside

I am downtown.
The joint was busy was supper time in the real world but in this fellows mind it was a good place for a nap.
Down and out…
…his only cares are to be warm and dry and the opinions of the uncaring patrons (.. the I don’t see nothings) don’t even remotely enter his booze addicted and addled thoughts.
It was a chance he was taking as it was raining,cool and dusk..he had no more bellywash and he knew the cops would at least give him some compassion.
The street teams,the and transit keep the badass guys from taking over but on the flip side offer a bit of the basic need we all crave .
Some one to pay attention to my screams for intervention
…Someone to Care is all


Food Poverty and malnutrition – manufacturers to blame again?


"Let 'em eat Aldi Crisps!" “Let ’em eat Aldi Crisps!”

There’s an article on the BBC Website here it is highlighting a report by the Faculty of Public Health which has identified a link between food poverty and malnutrition. 3rd world health conditions like rickets are being seen in hospitals for the first time in decades and last year there was a 17% increase in hospital admissions for malnutrition. Now I am sure I am not alone in thinking that whatever your place on the political spectrum this is an absolute disgrace in a country like the UK. I’m waiting for the inevitable ‘It’s the food manufacturer’s fault’ interviews. I’m surprised that at no point does the reporter link food poverty to obesity, for which the industry is also blamed.

Increasingly those in poverty have issues affording nutritious and fresh food. In Aldi you can buy 30 bags of flavoured crisps for about £2-£3…

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